Frequently asked questions

How can I view my travel schedule?

This involves two actions on your part. First you need to ask you travel consultant to activate AirGo-M in your profile. Every new booking will then be accessible through the app. After you have done that, you can log into the app by verifying your phone number. You will then be able to view all bookings made since the activation of your profile. Contact VCK Travel

Can I update my mobile phone number?

Of course! TO update your phone number, go to the settings menu, log out and log in again with a new number. However, to start with, you will see only the items connected to the new phone number. To see all your previous bookings on the new number, please ask your travel consultant to connect them to your new phone number.

Why is my booked flight not displayed?

Only flights booked after activation of AirGo-M in you profile will be added. It may take some time for your booked flight to appear in the app. If it is still not there, please contact your travel consultant. They may have used a different phone number than the one you used to log in.

Why don’t I receive status updates for my flight?

Status updates are not supported in this version of the app. Support for flight updates will be available soon.

Can I also see flights I booked using AirGo?

Yes, you can see the flights you booked using AirGo. However, this may require some additional configuration in AirGo. Please contact the E-Solutions Service Desk if new bookings don’t show up in the app.Contact E-Solutions

AirGo-M news

VCK Travel launches new version of app

VCK Travel has renewed its AirGo-M app. This itinerary app brings together all your travel arrangements and shows them in a single overview on your mobile device. All the flights that you have booked through VCK Travel appear automatically in your personal app. In addition, you can enter hotel reservations manually. VCK Travel will soon be adding new features. Download AirGo-M now!