Frequently asked questions

How can I view my travel schedule?

You need to fill in your mobile number. You can subsequently sign in to AirGo-M with a verification of the same mobile number. All bookings made before and after your activation are now automatically added to AirGo-M. Contact VCK Travel

Can I update my mobile phone number?

Ofcourse! To update your phone number, go to the settings menu, log out and log in again with a new number. However, to start with, you will see only the items connected to the new phone number. To see all your previous bookings on the new number, please ask your travel consultant to connect them to your new phone number.

Why is my booked flight not displayed?

Only flight bookings that are linked to your mobile number will be displayed in the app.

Do I receive status updates for my flight?

Status updates for your flights are available.

Can I also see flights I booked using AirGo?

Yes, all bookings you have made in AirGo, VCK Travel’s online booking tool, will be displayed in the app.